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  Welcome to Animated Ecovers  

Congratulations, you have just found the site and product that is going to change the way you market your space on the world wide web.. FOREVER.

Do you pride yourself on being a market leader when it comes to innovative new concepts and design ideas on your website? Or are you sick and tired of always being one step behind, wondering where everyone else gets these awesome looking graphics from that simply leaves your site looking jaded and dated?


It would be an insult to your intelligence to even ask which of the 3 identical boxes above stands out from the others, why? Simple..Movement.

Curiosity is one of the strongest motivators the human brain has. So when you see that tiny movement from the corner of your eye, you're almost magnetically drawn to see what's going on. How many times have you watched it perform its little spin? 3? 5? More? It's virtually guaranteed, you can't ignore it!

There isn't a doubt these animated ecovers are going to be a huge success, they have an attention grabbing impact that's impossible to dismiss, put simply, if you have one on your site, people are going to take notice.

Animated Ecovers.com is making it possible for you to have your very own design transferred directly onto one of our various pre-rendered animated ecovers, so whether you are releasing your latest groundbreaking piece of software, promoting that latest collection of PLR articles or selling pet accessories, you will be able to ensure it's your ecover that stands out from the crowd.

Animations vary from a gentle inobstrusive bow, through to a stunning acrobatic backflip, there's certainly something for everyone's needs. (see the 'Preset Animations' page for examples)

There is also a selection of final output sizes to best match the existing content on your site.

Become that market leader today.


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