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  Our Preset Animations  

Check out our range of preset animations that are just ready and waiting to have your name on them! We will be constantly updating and extending the available presets, offering you an ever expanding choice - straight out of the box.

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  Software Box  


Software Box's
Sneaky Jump

Box looks left and then right before leaping into the air.

Loop Duration:
5 Seconds


Software Box's
Kung Fu Spin

Box hops onto is corner, then performs a kung fu style spin!

Loop Duration:
5 Seconds


Software Box's

Box performs
an acrobatic

Loop Duration:
5 Seconds


Software Box's

Box makes like a
ballerina with a
graceful pirouette.

Loop Duration:
5 Seconds


Software Box's

Box politely bows

Loop Duration:
5 Seconds

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  Animation Sizes  

Our animations currently are availiable in 3 different sizes, check which size is best suited to your site below. If you need a different size you can use the custom animation form, or simply drop us an email with your request.

Large Size Preset

Medium Size Preset

Small Size Preset

  Ordering A Preset Animation  

To order any of the preset animations, click the button below to be taken to the template download page, where you can begin the simple process of adding your project design to the ecover.

If you do not have a design and would like us to create one for you, click the button below to go straight to the specifications form where we can get the information we need from you to start your project.

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