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Would you put a price on the Mona Lisa, or a Ming dynasty vase? Of course not because these items are priceless works of art. Their beauty and individuality sets them apart from the others, it's what makes them world renowned, rather than just another painting of a woman with an odd looking smile, or somewhere to pop a bunch of daffodils. Obviously we wouldn't dream of comparing an animated ecover with them, but what they do have in common is the uniqueness and ability to stand out from the competition.

Get ahead of the field today and grab yourself an animated ecover for...
Thats right, just $47 will get your own design on one of these amazing all singing, all dancing, all backflipping ecovers!

If you dont have a design of your own and would like us to create one for you we will do that AND put it on an animated ecover for the unbelievable price of $67.

For any non standard preset animation requests, see the 'Custom Animations' section of the website for information how to get a quote.

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